How To Test Your Sales Strategy

With the year quickly coming to a close, sales organizations everywhere are trying to figure out what 2014 will look like. Many have already entered the dreaded “fall planning cycle” and executives everywhere are being subjugated to torrents of data, reams of analysis, and stacks of power points – all with the single purpose of… Read More »

Where To Begin With Sales Analytics

It is easy to get lost in all the hype about sales analytics. These days, it seems, every Tom, Dick and Harry has a “big data” solution for your sales woes. Sales are down, there is an app for that. Volumes are low, there is an app for that. Win rates are low, there is… Read More »

Sales Strategies For Growing In A Mature Market

Sales teams thrive in high growth environments. There are plenty of customers, lots of demand, fragmented competition, and more revenue to go around. However, like death and taxes, growth markets eventually evolve into mature industries. Sales organizations that can successfully recognize the new realities on the ground, adapt to the changing environment, and navigate the… Read More »